Miss Paisley Grace

A few weeks ago I received an inquiry for a newborn session on a week that I had very limited availability.  We were getting ready to leave for summer camp with my kids and vacation.  I had already told myself not to book anymore sessions because there just wouldn’t be enough time to get everything done, but I always will schedule newborns when possible because they are truly my favorite!  I am so glad I squeezed Miss Paisley Grace in for a session because she rocked it!

Paisley was a great little one who was 14 days new and slept for most of her session minus a few diaper changes.

Before my newborns arrive I try to lay out my outfits, fabric drops, props, etc so that I am ready to go and make the session move along as smoothly as possible.  I had set out an old wooden bucket/planter that I bought a few months prior and tied a belly sash to it.  I have been wanting to use this for a few sessions but haven’t had a baby sleepy enough to do so!   Paisley has no idea how excited I was that I finally got to put it into use!

Here are a few more of my favorites from her session!  Check out those proud new parents!!!  I love seeing how my clients interact with their babies, esp the ones when it’s their first baby.  It’s just so precious and cute!!

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