4 Important Men

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4 of The Most Important Men in My Life…

In honor of Father’s Day I thought I would dedicate a blog to some of the most important men in my life.   I may talk more about one than the other but all are important in different aspects of my life.

It takes a special man to accept and love someone else’s child unconditionally. That is what my Dad has done. While he may not be my birth father, he is and always will be my Daddy.   He has treated me as his own from the beginning of his relationship with my mom. He has taught me so many lessons about life. I know there is a right and wrong way to wash and dry a car, bet you didn’t’ know you could wash your car the wrong way did ya!? He taught me how to swim, he taught me to make sure regular car maintenance is done or it wont’ run, how to cook some stuff, take your time and go down each and every isle of the grocery store lol, be proud of where you came from, love and respect.   He is 99% of the time the first one I call when something is breaking.   Having him as a Daddy is wonderful, but my kids having him for a Poppy is amazing. The love he has for his grandbabies is adorable, especially Trey.   When we lived in Huntington Trey loved watching for water co backhoes to go down the road to see if they were his Poppy so we could stop and see him and dig some dirt together. “Poppy Dumper” as Trey would say anytime he saw any type of excavating equipment.   Alee loves her Poppy too but she hates facial hair, says it tickles, so lovins from her are rare.


Second would be my Grandfather, I truly could do a whole blog about my adoration for my Papaw. From birth until 2nd grade I lived right next door to him. I was going camping with he and my Mamaw from the time I was 18 months old.   My papaw was one of the hardest working men I know. He grew up having to work hard for everything he had. Papaw was only allowed to go to school until 8th grade and then had to go to work to support the family, but yet is one of the most intelligent men I know.   His knowledge of mechanics, machinery, construction, farming, and so much more is crazy.  My mother and I lived in an apartment over his de-tatched garage and in the summer I would yell out the window at him to come get me and in the winter time I would yell through the furnace vent when I would hear him down below. Papaw would save me two drinks of coffee in his thermos each day and bring it home from work. I stayed with my mamaw each day when my mom was at work. I can still hear the sound of his car backing down the driveway when he would come in from work. He put my first bicycle together, helped me learn to ride without training wheels, taught me to fish, to love the great outdoors, taught me to try and fix something that is broken, not to throw it away.   Scares and amazes me when he licks his fingers and touches a wire to see if it’s “hot.” I can still remember his smell of grease and the stains on his hands that never washed off from work.   One of the hardest things for me to accept and see is that he’s getting older and he is not as strong as he used to be, I am so overprotective of him.  He gets frustrated that he can’t do everything he used to. I wish so much that he could get some of his strength back.  He had a heart attack a few years ago and the fear of losing him was just indescribable. I was ready that night to put a for sale sign in my yard, pack up and move back home. He spoiled me with things money can’t buy, his time, love, & lessons about life.   Papaw is a wonderful Great Grandfather to my babies, especially Trey.  I think Trey is like the son he never really got to have.   He struggles with disappointment that he can’t take him out and teach him to fish and teach him how to fix things because of his health. Trey and Papaw can sit to together for hours in his chair.   They just love being together. Trey watches over him just like I do.  I am so glad they have each other.  Although it has always been hard for him to speak his love, he always showed it with tight hugs and saying “you’re a good’un kid”. I will never forget the first time he actually said “I Love You Too”


Important man #3 in my life, my Father in Law, Ron Greer.   I joke and tell him I am his “favorite daughter in law” lol, well, I’ll will always be the only daughter in law. He treats me like one of his own girls, is always there for us when we need him. I remember when I was in labor with Alee, he and my mother in law were sitting there waiting, I was having some pain and he told Reg “you need to do something, I can’t stand to see her hurting.” My son is his namesake, and he adores him to no end. He was so excited to hear we were having a boy. Trey was due in January and we always joked what would happen if it were snowing because, well, if you know my MIL at all you know she hates SNOW! He was going to come if he had to plow his way down. Crazy enough, it was 70 on the day Trey was born. Alee is the only granddaughter in that family and well, lets just say he is easier on her than the boys lol.   She doesn’t hug him either because of his mustache.   This past Tuesday he and my MIL made a 10-hour drive (5 down & 5 up) to come my Mamaw Johnson’s funeral. That gesture just showed his love more. Ron overcame obstacles in his life growing up that no child should have to. He has become a respected person in his town and is constantly giving back in so many ways from running the youth basketball league, the Santa at the community center, and helping residents with special needs gain some independence through the shelter workshop. He is an all around good man who wants to help out anyone when he can.

And I have learned that I think I have 0 photos of him lol


Important Man #4, I only saved him for last because I have dedicated a blog to my husband in the past.   He is such a great father, husband, son, brother, etc. He works so hard each week at work and at home making sure we have the best and don’t want for anything. He has a love of gadgets, anything Apple, & dreams of owning a Tesla someday. I can’t wait for him to open his father’s day gift. The kids and I made him a book of photos of them pictured at all of his favorite places and places that mean something to his history.   I couldn’t ask for a better man to have, not behind me or in front of me, but by my side in this crazy journey called life!


Please take the time today to tell the Dad’s & Papaw’s in your life how much you love them!

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