Hippity Hoppity Easters on its way!

I have had Santa at the studio for 4 years but this is the first time for the Bunny and it’s been so much fun!!!

The Easter bunny is a different ball game than Santa. Santa has a human face and talks, the Easter bunny does not talk and of course has a character head. For the most part the kids have all loved him but there have been a few that loved Santa but were like “ummm no way” at the bunny.

I said if I was going to have a bunny it wasn’t going to be a creepy one but a fun sweet one & that’s exactly what I have. My bunny may not talk but he interacts so well with everyone.

Here are some of my favorites from our first day with the bunny!

Baby Kendall & Big Sis Carley

A few weeks ago I got to meet the newest big sister in town & the sweetest one month old!

Yep, you read that right, ONE Month!!

I know I have always preached to give me your babies before day 15 to have the best chance for those sleepy baby portraits, but that is not always possible. Kendalls momma was reluctant to take baby out for portraits due to COVID but after reaching out to me and chatting about the precautions I take in the studio she scheduled. While I may have had to work a little harder to get those squishy poses, I did it!

Big Sister Carley was a great helper from calming sissy down to handing me things out of reach. I have had THE Best siblings in the studio the last month, so well behaved!! Carley really enjoyed herself and asked her momma after they left when they could come back to “Panda’s House.” She thought I lived there lol. I love the different names my AGP littles call me.

Here are some of my faves from her session…

Follow this link to view their full gallery… https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14396598

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Happy 1st Birthday Maverick!!!

Today is this cuties first birthday!!

Let’s take a moment to look at how gorgeous his eyes are and how cool his birthday theme is! Maverick was not a fan of the aviator glasses but still rocked his cake smash.

Here are some of my favorites and the link is below to view them all…

Follow this link to view all of the images from his session gallery https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14454690

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ps. I was trying to find a Top Gun quote for the blog and was shocked to find this movie was from 1986!!! I can’t believe it’s that old! Which makes me feel really old!!!

Dawson ~ 17 Days New

Everyone say Hello to Dawson…

I delivered his newborn gallery late last night and woke to a sweet message from his momma that the gallery brought tears. I love getting those messages, it means I have done my job 😉. Newborn sessions capture those tiny little wrinkles and rolls that as we mommas know, seem to disappear overnight.

Big Sister Ella was so wonderful during Dawsons session. Newborn sessions can take a couple hours and sometimes siblings are not the most patient. She watched TV some and also even helped me out with her Bub by handing me things. Dawson is so lucky to have her as a bis sister to look after and protect him! I am sure that between Ella and his Momma, No girl will ever be good enough!

Here are some of my favorites from his session! The link to view the full gallery is at the bottom!

Follow this link to view all 70 images from Dawsons session, https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14430130

Have you gotten your newborn session penciled into my schedule yet? For the best availability, it’s best to schedule your newborn session before you deliver & we will move it around if baby comes early or late.

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Happy 1st Birthday Tucker!!

Last month I got to meet one of the sweetest little, almost one year old, Valentine boys around! There’s something fun and special about holiday birthdays. Everyone in my house has a birthday within 11 days of big holidays.

Everyone meet Tucker! He turns ONE today! This was his first session with me and he started out a little bashful but after me singing some rounds of wheels on the bus he warmed up and I caught some smiles!

Here are some of my favorites from our session & here’s the link to view his full album https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14321598

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Cousins Valentine Sesh

I have always heard and read quotes that cousins are our first best friend! I 100% agree. Cousins hold secrets and are the only ones who understand your quirky family.

Look at these sweet cousins! Quinn & Blake! Blake lights up when he sees Quinn and she loves him so much too!! I have been photographing the King/Hunter/Small Families since Quinn was around 3’ish for extended family, maternity and newborn sessions. All of them are so fun and sweet to work with.

I know that with the sister bond their mommies have, Quinn & Blake will stay the best of friends forever.

Here are some of my favorites from their cousins session together.

“A Cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” ~ M.C. Garretty

To view their full galleries follow these links ~

Blake https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14265711

Quinn ~ https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14265491

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Sparkles & Love with Mom

It’s Valentine Week & the perfect time to share more of the Mom & Me Valentine sesh with Julie & Remi.  

It was great to finally meet Julie in person.  I have followed her work for a while on social media.  Julie is the COO for WV Free, https://www.wvfree.org, advocating and lobbying for the betterment of West Virginians.  Remi was the funnest little girl to photograph and she loved the glitter part of their session.  Both were just as nice as I thought they’d be. 

They had adorable matching shirts that spelled out L-O-V-E and showed a sassy side with fun heart glasses and threw some glitter together and then we did a glitter session with Remi by herself.  I think they both had the best time!   

Here are some of my favorites from their sessions!  

To see their full galleries follow these links… https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14301389 & https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14301549

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Happy Valentines Week!!!

Cowboy Ryker

Around the end of December I asked Brittney, Rykers momma if I could use him as a model for my Valentine set and she asked what he should wear because he had just received new cowboy gear for Christmas and was anxious to show it off. Cowboy theme wasn’t exactly what I was thinking for Valentines Day but knew it would make for adorable photos!

Ryker is just the cutest orneriest little man! We started the session with some simple classic Valentine portraits and then moved on to the cowboy images.

Ryker started taking horse lessons at a local stable and then got his own pony named Lucky. Ryker would see others in the stable with boots, spurs, hats and belt buckles and wanted ones of his own. After Brittney shared his pictures on her Facebook page a family friend of theirs, an actual Texan Cowboy, saw them and wanted to send him authentic cowboy attire. Sadly the pony got very ill and passed away shortly after he got it. And Ryker broke his arm too. The break may have stopped ridding lessons for awhile but his momma said its not slowed him down and he’s still wearing all his gear and riding a stick pony around the house!

Here is a few faves from his Valentine portraits…

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It’s normal to feel uneasy right now…

Well even if it has been 7 months since the last blog, its not been as long as the time before 🤷🏼‍♀️

Today is my 3rd day back in the studio with my kids in school. I have thought about this blog since Tuesday morning when I dropped them off but really didn’t know how to put it all into words. There is so much uncertainty/confusion/fear right now as a parent.

This should feel “normal” going into the studio after dropping off my kids to school but it doesn’t. I normally feel a little sad on a normal 1st day of school from missing them after being with them all summer, seeing how grown up they are walking into school and hoping they will be safe from danger. This is a different type of sad. Its fear and sadness all rolled up into a big ball of worry. What if they will contract the virus and get sick. Possibly have it and not know it and pass it on to others. What science isn’t sure of is if they will have life long repercussions from the virus.

Everyone has their own opinions and reasons to send them or not send them and there is truly not a plan that will be perfect for each family, it would just be nice if our county provided parents with sufficient options for our kids this school year. A lot of true colors have really shown from people since March 13th 2020.

While 2020 had a lot of challenges and fearful moments, it had some great ones. We tried to make the best of it getting many things accomplished with our extra time at home and soak up the extra time with our kids. Like Reg always says “we only have a few summers left with them before they move out to college.”

Thanks for reading my ramblings, this blog wasn’t that planned out, just wanted to get my worries on paper and tell you that it’s okay to not know how to feel right now.

Give yourself some grace… and along with that grace, follow the guidelines, stay home, wear a mask OVER your nose, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and stay socially distant!

Spring School Pictures

Did you miss out on your child’s spring picture day at school?  Or are you like me and our school pictures are floating around somewhere not being delivered?

Either way you can schedule a school portrait session at my studio and we can grab those memories of this age & grade before they grow up more over the summer.

I can do a springy colored backdrop or traditional school photos like seen here below and I offer reasonably priced print packages as well as digital images.

Contact me today to get scheduled!  agreerphotography@yahoo.com