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Happy 2017 AGP Followers!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season!  I ate way too much from Thanksgiving to Christmas, shared laughs and made memories with friends and family, and watched the magic of the season sparkle in my children’s eyes.

Now I am ready to take on 2017 and make it the best yet for myself, my family and my clients!   I started 2017 watching many webinars on how to better serve my clients and make your experience with Amanda Greer Photography the best ever!

Different packages will be making their way in to my pricing structure.  I am working out details to offer a Belly to Baby Package & Tailored to you wedding packages.

One thing I am encouraging more than ever is for my clients to purchase prints and canvas’s for their home!  Seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they picked up their canvas’s and prints was so heart warming!!!  Photos do not belong on a usb in a drawer, they belong on your walls and mantles so you can enjoy them!!

My question for you is what would you like to see offered by me in 2017?!?!?  Please send me a message at

I can’t wait to capture memories for you in 2017!  It’s never too soon to get penciled in on the schedule!



Pumpkin Patch Cuties

Ya’ll first let me say, “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for everyones referrals of their friends and family to me.  It means the world and I would not be where I am without you, my awesome clients!!   You might not hear from me much on here until after Thanksgiving but I am here, behind the scenes, hustling every single day.

In the middle of this busy season I needed to take a day to just shoot something for fun.  I had been wanting to do a pumpkin patch shoot for a long time.  I mean what is more fall than a pumpkin patch?!?!

My friend Missy’s husband has a Gorgeous Family Farm in Ohio with a pick your own pumpkin patch so I met up with her daughter and daughter in law a few weeks ago and spent some time around their farm taking photos of Missy’s sweet grandbabies, Jonah and Karson.

Check out these little punkins!

Aren’t they just the cutest!!

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Fall Senior Session… Oh Those Miller Boys…

Oh Those Miller Boys…

I first met The Miller Family about 4 years ago when the 3rd Miller Boy became BFF’s with my son.  Soon after I became great friends with Momma Miller!   Holli was a needed friendly face in a town that still seemed unfamiliar most days.   She posted one day online about her oldest looking for some side jobs, since then, Caleb has been the biggest help to us, Mowing, weed eating, packing and moving us, and sometimes not so much by occasionally driving the lawn mower over the hill lol.

Then there was Carter, the middle Miller Boy… Carter seemed to be the rambunctious Miller boy; Trey would come home from playing with Hayden scared of Carter, because like most big brothers do, he loved to scare his little brother and his friend when Trey was over, & most recently losing a chair of mine from the back of his truck and splintering it all over the road in the whole 1/2 mile drive to my house from theirs.


This morning when Caleb came over to do some yard work for us, I told him my plans of blogging Carter’s session and asked him for some stories or thoughts on his younger brother.  With a sheepish but proud smile he says “You know he has really grown up, he’s not that kid chasing the little ones around anymore.  When he like 8, I remember him drawing the most intricate house plans and drawing that I always thought he would become an architect because he is such a talented creative person. It’s nice now to see him putting his creativity and talent into fixing up his truck.  That truck and Savannah really make him happy”

This past Sunday was Carter’s Senior Session.  We set out walking & driving around to some different locations in Parkersburg with his mom, 2 sisters and his girlfriend.   I will say the most genuine handsome smiles are in the photos with his sweet girl friend & the ones with his truck!!   It was cute how excited he got to do photos with his truck!   Then the look of young love with he & Savannah.   I got to see a whole other side to Carter that day, a caring, funny, nice responsible young man, exactly like Caleb described this morning.  I am so glad I got to know him better those few hours so I can see the grown up Carter, not the rambunctious one from 4 years ago.  He’s a great young man.

The Millers are great parents, raising a great set of little loos, and I am thankful to call them friends.

Please click the name to check out all of the photos from Carter’s Senior Session.

Senior and Family Sessions for fall are filling up very fast, contact me asap to schedule yours!!!!



Bringing on Business Changes…

Picking up from my blog last week, Long Weekend in Charleston SC… Part One, and still reminiscing about my time in Charleston with women who literally have changed my life.

You see, running a small business from home while juggling all of the other responsibilities of everyday life can become overwhelming trying to differentiate home life from work life.  Most days my “office” is my couch; trying to blog, edit pictures, market, answer messages, all the while the laundry is running, the cats are sitting there staring me down to pet or play with them, I get frustrated if the house is messy and torn between putting business aside to clean, if the kids are home it gets crazy too, while they truly are really great kids, it seems the minute I get on the phone or laptop they argue with each other which leads to me yelling at them which I really hate doing.  This is my first really busy summer since I became a legit business owner so my juggling act looked like a cheap circus side show!

Back to the women who changed my life… At Ashton Kelley Photography retreats, Ashton  ensures that in all of the awesome squad members presenting that there’s topics to interest all of the attendee’s.  Going into her workshops and retreats there is always that one person I am excited to hear from and take away valuable information and then there is always one who I am surprised by how much I connect with them.

Charleston SC 16

At the Charleston retreat, I was excited for everyone, but I was anxious to hear Amanda Hedgepeth speak.   I have followed her work and blog for a while.   Amanda is a married momma of 3 little girls and a successful photographer so I wanted to know her secret to balancing life and work from home!  I met this sweet tiny lady in person for the 1st time when she had me blocked in the parking lot and we had a quick chat about “mommy vans” and I let her know how excited I was for her talk the next day.

Forward to Friday, I’m taking notes, listening so intently to what she’s saying waiting to hear that big secret to her life balance and she says “I couldn’t remember the last time I talked to my daughter and looked her in the eye” and at least have the room breaks into tears.  You see over 1/2 of us in there were momma’s to little ones.  That hit me hard, so many thoughts came rushing through my head of things I have said to my kids “hold on, let mommy check this message”  “hold on, let mommy edit this picture” “maybe we can swim later, I need to finish this” “in a minute” “maybe tomorrow” and so many more excuses!!  Alligator Tears are rolling!!!

Ashton says “Sarah you will be talking more about work balance tomorrow but would you like to say anything today?”  So then Sarah Houston begins to speak briefly and she says what totally did us all in, she says… “My business ruined my life.  My husband looked at me one day and said you choose us or your business and I chose my business” (disclosure; they are back together and totally happy)  Oh Hunny, talk about tears!!!!  Big Ugly Crying!  I am texting Reg to tell him I love him, ladies are leaving the room to call husbands, tears are flowing.

Bethanne Arthur spoke the next day about business practices and legalities but she is a married sweet momma of 2 so she gave some insight on how she balances her juggling act.  A door on her office where she can disconnect and have her space, working when kids are sleeping, etc. More tears.  Bethanne came up to me on the way to lunch hugged me and said “I love your heart, you need to work smarter not harder, raise your prices, you can do all this.”  And we sat and cried and talked for 30 minutes just she and I.  She truly has no idea how much that hug and those words meant to me!

At the end of the retreat, we did leave with lots of wonderful information on how to better grow our businesses and serve our clients, but we all left with the goal of making it work better for our families and spouses and shaking that mommy and wife guilt that so many of us carried.

So on that note, here is one of the 1st things I am implementing into my business plan.  OFFICE HOURS!!!  I have been trying to train myself on this since coming home, and let me just say, my evenings with my kids move smoother and I feel like a better mom and wife.  I think back to an evening last week when my little girl got in the car from school and said “Momma what are we doing tonight, how much work do you have to do this evening?” to which I replied with my new plan, “Momma isn’t going to be working in the evenings anymore unless it’s to shoot a quick session.”  She got so excited that it made me sad, sad on how happy she was, because it had been so apparent to a 6 year old how non existent, even though I was present, I had been in the evenings.  Since then we have crafted, swam, actually read bedtime stories without hurrying through and just hung out together.  My sweet boy, even though is almost 11, still likes to cuddle at night sometimes, by taking time to do that and not rush him, we have had some precious conversations. I fall asleep with my husband more nights out of the week than not now rather than hurriedly tucking kids in bed and going downstairs to edit, make phone calls, etc.  He has a demanding job and many nights is asleep by 8, but I try to lay with him and wind down with our favorite shows or talk about our day when he is up later.  Our little family is happier and running smoother in the last 3 weeks than I feel like we have been in a long time.

So here it is…

My office hours for returning messages and phone calls will be Monday – Friday from 8:30-3.   I am sure there will be occasions where I may do office work late at night after everyone in my house is asleep but not often, and I am planning on setting up auto responding messages for those times.

Yes I will continue to shoot sessions in the evenings and weekends because I am human and understand that not everyone can have pictures taken in the middle of the day on a weekday.

I am excited for this and I think not only can I be physically and mentally present for my family more, but by being more relaxed and happier, I can serve my clients better!!

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Long Weekend in Charleston SC… Part One

Last Monday at this time I leaving my long weekend in gorgeous Charleston SC heading up Highway 17 towards a pit stop at Myrtle Beach on my way home to my kiddos.  I am happy to be home but I miss the cobble stone streets, sound of the horse drawn carriages going by, shrimp and grits, shopping and freshly made pecan pralines.

I was in Charleston for the Ashton Kelley Photography Retreat & a little vacation with my sweet husband too.  I had a wonderful time spending time at the retreat with old friends making new ones from all over the East Coast and even as far away as Nebraska!   These ladies are moms, wives, full time photographers, part time photographers, business owners, hobbyist, etc.   Not only did I come away with lots of exciting ideas for improvements to make to my business better, but with a reassurance that we are all doing awesome, that someone else feels the same struggles that small business owners do.

When I say it got real people, it really got REAL!!!  MANY Many Many tears were shed amongst many episodes of ugly crying.  Some of the talks by our mentors were about balancing the Motherhood/Wife/Small Business Owner Game!   Not only the Mentors but attendees, myself included, told of our fears of not being a good enough mother/wife, etc all the while getting our business off the ground and keeping clients happy.  Some of the attendee’s talked about serious situations in their personal life that they had never told anyone before.   We Talked, We Cried, We Learned, We Cried, We Ate, Learned and Cried More!  It was truly a wonderful weekend!

After returning home, I looked over my notes from the workshops and thought more about the improvements I want to make in business not only for myself, my family, but for my clients too!  Over the next month or so my blog posts will be a mix of client sessions & discussing those new business changes.  Feel Free to Email me at any suggestions of chages you would like to see me make in my business.

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Where Have I Been…

Hey All!  This is just a quick little blog to let ya know I am still alive lol but right now I am trying to soak up the time I have left with my littles before school starts next week!

This summer break is two weeks longer than last years and it feels like it has flown by faster than last.   From Soccer & Gymnastics Camp, to the Funeral :(, to the Beach, to the Zoo, to having Cousins here for a week, to Pool Days…  All of it has been so worth the busy’ness.  Sooooo Many Memories have been made!!

I am still shooting sessions incase you need to schedule, my turn around time is just a bit longer on your photos.  I am just not taking the time to blog.   I promise to get back at it soon!

Enjoy what is left of your summer break!!

Greer Summer 2016 7Greer Summer 2016 16Greer Summer 2016 69

Macy is ONE!!!!

This Sweet Watermelon Lovin Girl turned one the end of June and last week we were able to capture some memories of this milestone birthday.

I first met Miss Macy’s momma Whitney a few years ago at a craft show.  Whitney is super crafty and creative with adorable ideas for her daughters sessions!  She sent me a message about a week or so prior to the session to see what I thought about a Watermelon Smash instead of a cake smash.  Ummm LOVE It!!!  What a great idea for a summer time birthday girl!

I began Macy’s session in the studio, a light pink back drop and white floor with pink and purple balloons and tissue paper pompoms set the first scene.

Macy is 1 27Macy is 1 1 WMMacy is 1 13 WMMacy is 1 15 WM

I mean really, I could eat this girl up!!  Look at those eyes and blonde hair!!  Such a sweetie and poser for the camera!

Macy is 1 8 WM

After the indoor photos we moved outdoors for some photos with her favorite purple bunny, a hot air ballon basket, and the most fun… the watermelon smash!!!!  This chickadee loves her some watermelon!!!  Once she saw it, she was done with everything else and wanted the food!!


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My Day with My Mamaw…

I promised y’all when wrote my last blog (Reflecting on 101 years of Life)  about my Mamaw that I would follow up with another one about the day I spent with her while working on a project for Developmental Psych in college.   So here it is…

April 2002, she was 86.  We spent the day going through her baking recipes, looking through old photo albums and built a family tree all the way back to my Great Great Great Grandparents.  I can still remember, it was a nice sunny warm Spring day.   One part of the project was to conduct an interview.  Here are my questions and her answers below…

Q: How would you compare your childhood to mine?      A: We really didn’t have a childhood. We didn’t have toys, maybe one toy to share, we just went to school and worked around the home.  We played outside and used our imaginations. We went to church every week.

Q: How many siblings did you have?      A: 5 Sisters & 3 Brothers, all were born at home.  Ona was my twin.

Q: At what age did you marry? How did you meet?  What did you like about him?  When did you get married?         A: I was 20 when we married, we went to school together and were good friends, he was an honest and good worker.  We married on January 30, 1936.          Side Note; supposedly they never kissed before they were married but no one can confirm this and she gave a sheepish grin when answering lol

Q: How long did you attend school?      A: Til 8th Grade

Q: What was school like back then?     A: They were all one room schools, 1-5 grade on side and 6-8 on the other side.

Q: How hard was it to find/get a job?  What was the wage?     A: Not hard.  Housework could be done for $1 per week while I was growing up.  Once a woman gets married she shouldn’t work.

Q:  What were your parents like?    A:  Nice, hardworking people.  They were all farmers.

Q:  Is there a favorite recipe you would like to share?    A:  Chicken-n-Dumplins & Cornbread      Chicken-n-Dumplins, cut up a chicken and boil it to cook it and make some broth, pull out most of the bones, then make the dumplings (cold water, crisco, and self rising flour)  and drop it into the pot and mix it all around.     Cornbread, take cornmeal, self rising flour and buttermilk and mix and bake until golden brown.                                     Fun Fact if you didn’t catch it, mamaw didn’t measure ingredients very often!!  Also if you were eating her chicken-n-dumplings you knew to watch out for a stray chicken bone that may be left in there.  lol

Q: What are your favorite flowers and vegetables to grow?   A:  Peonies, Irises, Roses, Corn, Beans, Tomatoes and White Cucumbers

Q:  Why didn’t you learn to drive a car?    A: My husband did not want her to learn.  Now he wishes he had taught me but its too late now.

Q:  Do you have any theories on life?    A:  Every woman should learn to drive a car and every man should learn to cook.

Q:  Do you have any home remedies for first aid?   A:  Turpentine for cuts and stings,  Castor Oil for a laxative, Vicks Salve for a cold and if those things didn’t work then you just tufted it out.

Q: If you could change anything about your life would you and what?   A:  Absolutely nothing!

Q:  About technology, good or bad, what parts do you like?    A:  Telephone, so I can talk to my friends.  Medical Technology is saving lives.  My mother died from a ruptured appendix and back then no one knew what to do.

Q: What did teenagers do for fun?   A:  Jump Rope, Hide-n-Seek, Marbles, Tag & Run Around the Mulberry Bush

Q: Did you have chores?  What kind?   A:  Yes everyone had chores.  I washed clothes and cleaned.

Q:  At what age did you have your first child and why only 2?   A: I was 23 and only had two because there was a miscarriage between Glenna and Anna.

Q: What spare time activities do you like to do?   A:  Quilt, Sew, Cook, Clean and Garden

Q: How do you feel about women in the workforce?    A: Don’t like it, they should stay home to clean and care for their family.

I am so thankful for that professor who gave this assignment, I now have this scrapbook with all of these memories and history documented to pass along to my kids.   Below are some photos from that day.

It has been one month since you have been gone.  30 days since you took your last breath.  37 days since I kissed your forehead and held your hand.  I knew I would miss you, I mean you are my Mamaw, I was with you or Mamaw Maynard SO Much when I was growing up, but I thought that losing you would be easier to bear because I had been anticipating it for what seemed like years because of your age and ailing health.  I was mistaken.  I am clinging to those memories with you harder than ever before.  I am so happy though, you are where you have wanted to be for such a long time, in heaven with Papaw, Anna and Ona. I imagine you sitting on your porch in Heaven reading your paper while waiting for your pie to come out of the oven.

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Meeting The King…

A few weeks ago we set out on our annual beach trip with all the usual stops.  Tamarack for Fried Green Tomatoes, Johnson’s Peach Stand for Peach Milkshakes and Dumplins, and a stop at the Petty Museum.   In the past I had always wanted to stop there but something seemed to always prevent it, fussy kids, traffic, etc, but finally a few years ago we stopped in.  We took a little over an hour and walked through the museum and got a glimpse of the speed shop, and grabbed some souvenirs. While checking out I asked the lady working the desk if Mr Petty ever stopped in on weekdays.  She told me that he is in at least once each day unless there is an out of town race that week.   Well of course there was that  particular weekend.   I checked the NASCAR schedule last year before we left for vacation and yet another out of town race and traffic was crazy so we didn’t stop.

Well this year as luck would have it, there was not a race!  I had tried sending a message via Facebook asking them if they thought he would be stopping by that particular Friday since we would be driving by.  I could stop there each year and walk through, my kids on the other hand, really not so much.  They only really know “The King” as the voice from “The King” in the Cars movie, not as the hall of fame race car driver.  I tried sending a message again and they replied back with “We are not sure what his schedule is today so we can’t guarantee anything.  There is always a chance though!” Something about that last line got me a little more excited than usual but I was not getting my hopes up.  We neared Randleman, NC and Reg suggested stopping there to stretch our legs and see all of the updates at the museum and garage.   We parked and as we were walking across the parking lot I was examining each car parked behind the gates, could one be his, nah I doubt it, it’s a pretty day he’s out doing something else I told myself.

I opened the door to the museum and there he stood!  Right at the office door signing papers.  I lost my breath, ability to speak, tears began and I got weak in the knees.  Heck my whole legs went numb.   I have met a few famous people who I have adored, Monica Potter from Parenthood, Katie Lee the Famous Chef,  Tony Dungee NFL Coach, Steve Smith NBA Player/Announcer, Jack Hanna and I feel like there is a couple more but I am still so star struck from this I just can’t remember them!   Mr Petty turned around with his smile and stuck his hand out to Alee first, then Trey, Reg, then put his arm around me because I was still kind of hyperventilating and crying.  He asked where we were from, where were we going and then if we wanted a photo.  Ummm of course I (we) would love a photo!  lol I had one of the ladies behind the desk lightly crying too.  She came out and took a family photo with Reg’s phone for us and then I put my camera on Auto gave it to Reg and hoped for the best! I couldn’t think straight for camera settings!  After the photos, he thanked us for stopping by and told us to enjoy the museum.  I went to the desk to pay our admission I asked the lady if I made a fool of myself by crying and she said she has seen grown men come in and cry meeting him.  I didn’t feel so bad anymore lol.

I still can’t believe this happened!  I have wanted to meet him since I was small!  First thing after it was over I wanted to call my Dad and there was 0 signal in there!  If it weren’t his watching of races every Sunday I wouldn’t know who Richard Petty was.  I am not truly sure where my want of meeting him came from other than hearing stories about him and all he has been through.   I always thought he reminded me of my papaw too.  I think if you put the hat and glasses on my papaw that’s what he would look like.  Maybe that is some of it.   Mr Petty was as nice, kind and geniune as I imagined he would be.   He is what NASCAR used to be, about the fans.

We walked around the different parts of the museum that day and saw all of the changes.  They have really updated and added more to the museum since our last stop.  We wandered around but not really as long as we have before because I was anxious to leave and get to a phone signal to call my Dad.  I bought a shirt and the documentary “Petty Blue” as mementos of the day.   Thanked the ladies for the wonderful experience and went on our way.  I called my parents and my Dad said the same thing I did, he was the way NASCAR used to be and he appreciated and was about the fans.

Other than the photos of my family and I with Mr Petty, the rest are from our 2014 visit.  I was too excited, nervous, shaken on this trip to take any photos.  A lot has changed since our last trip.  So much more has been added!  I encourage you to stop by on your way through.  It’s a great piece of history!  And you never know who you may run into 😉

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Avery Dawn…

A few weeks ago I blogged about A Maternity Session at the Lake with adorable Yates Family & last Wednesday I got to meet Miss Avery Dawn!!!  14 Days New!!

I love love having newborns in the studio!  They always make for fun days!  And too, I get to cuddle babies and who doesn’t love cuddling babies!

Meet Miss Avery Dawn!  She was such a sweetheart, made me work hard for what we got but still a sweetie!  According to Caressa, Avery is already a Daddy’s girl and adored by her big brother!   Avery loved to be held, every time I put her down into a pose she would either get mad or decide she needed to eat again!  It was hard work for her being a cute little model!   I think we got some cute shots!  Check them out and contact me to schedule your session!

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