My 1st Try at a Milk Bath Session

As a creative sometimes I see a session someone else has shot and want to put your own swing on it.  Milk Bath sessions seem to be the “in thing” to do lately.  The trend seemed to start with adults with boudoir & maternity and has now moved on to babies.

I knew I wanted to try one of these sessions but I didn’t want to wait on a client to request one so I looked over my client list for a baby girl who was sitting but not mobile yet.  I thought of sweet Avery so I contacted Caressa to see if she liked the idea and she loved it!

We set the date and I began studying the details, I knew the milk but what else did I need to figure out.   I got my studio really warm because I didn’t want her to be chilled, boiled water to add to warm the milk, snip the tops off of flowers and choose the right tie back.

Well like many things in life we live and learn…Think back to elementary science class when you learned about water displacement!  Fill the bowl pretty high, put a baby in and there will be some sloshing of milk all over the floor!  I have decided I like that part now and it adds character.  Check for non poisonous flowers incase the baby tries to eat them!  And sit the milk out further in advance to warm it up.

All of that being said, I can’t wait to shoot another milk bath!  Who is ready to schedule theirs?

Here are some of my favorites from our session, to view them all please click here Avery’s Milk Bath


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