Kids will be Kids and that’s okay!

I want my clients to know, it is going to be okay. I am mom of 2 crazy, okay one crazier than the other, kids and its okay if your child isn’t into pictures right now.  I have been there!

Don’t be embarrassed.  I know that is easier said than done, try to relax and let me work my magic aka act like a crazy fool to make them laugh & hold down my shutter to hopefully get one photo out of 50 for you.

I hear “I’m Sorry they are acting like this” so many times during sessions from moms and dads when their littles are being crazy and running around, not sitting for a photo, and most def not smiling.  Please don’t be sorry, they are kids, most kids do not like having their photo taken and you know what, that’s okay.

In many cases, when you show up to the session, that’s the first time we have met, I try to make friends with the little ones, get to know them, what characters they like, noises that make them laugh, etc.   Then we start the session and 99% of the time it all works out.  I have many moms say they are so impressed with how many photos I actually was able to capture after they left feeling like they would have nothing.

Also I am not above bribery!  lol

Ashley was one of those moms.  She requested her session be shot at her home that she shares with her husband Landon, and littles Carson and Violet.

After chatting with Carson and Violet about the kittens on the porch we moved to the  porch steps of the their home.

The kids playset was just out of sight and it was a sunny warm evening, what would most kids want to do…PLAY!  So after trying to grab some photos in front of the home, we moved towards the backyard to small tall pretty grass near the pond but made a pit stop along the way for the kids to play on the slide and I grabbed some quick pics there.

When I asked Ashley’s permission to use her session as an example for this blog topic I also asked her if she had anything she would like to add about that session and the end result…  “You just telling me I’m a mommy they are fine made me feel a little better, but I think as a parent you always want your kids to be little angels when they are around people and that’s just not how it is. I even prayed that they would be good. Yes it was stressful, but I was 100% satisfied with the end result and I thought all the shots were amazing! I remember thinking … Well maybe they, meaning the kids, weren’t so bad after all.”

I call that session a Win!  Memories are already printed and up on her walls!

So next time your kids are being crazy, just remember, we have all been there at some point and it will be okay!

You can view all of the photos from their session by clicking here…Barnette Family Session

I can’t wait to spend time with all of you for a family session of your own!  Life moves so fast make sure you get in those photos with your kids and capture those moments for some day they will be a memory!  Print those photos and decorate your home with your memories!

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