Long Weekend in Charleston SC… Part One

Last Monday at this time I leaving my long weekend in gorgeous Charleston SC heading up Highway 17 towards a pit stop at Myrtle Beach on my way home to my kiddos.  I am happy to be home but I miss the cobble stone streets, sound of the horse drawn carriages going by, shrimp and grits, shopping and freshly made pecan pralines.

I was in Charleston for the Ashton Kelley Photography Retreat & a little vacation with my sweet husband too.  I had a wonderful time spending time at the retreat with old friends making new ones from all over the East Coast and even as far away as Nebraska!   These ladies are moms, wives, full time photographers, part time photographers, business owners, hobbyist, etc.   Not only did I come away with lots of exciting ideas for improvements to make to my business better, but with a reassurance that we are all doing awesome, that someone else feels the same struggles that small business owners do.

When I say it got real people, it really got REAL!!!  MANY Many Many tears were shed amongst many episodes of ugly crying.  Some of the talks by our mentors were about balancing the Motherhood/Wife/Small Business Owner Game!   Not only the Mentors but attendees, myself included, told of our fears of not being a good enough mother/wife, etc all the while getting our business off the ground and keeping clients happy.  Some of the attendee’s talked about serious situations in their personal life that they had never told anyone before.   We Talked, We Cried, We Learned, We Cried, We Ate, Learned and Cried More!  It was truly a wonderful weekend!

After returning home, I looked over my notes from the workshops and thought more about the improvements I want to make in business not only for myself, my family, but for my clients too!  Over the next month or so my blog posts will be a mix of client sessions & discussing those new business changes.  Feel Free to Email me at agreerphotography@yahoo.com any suggestions of chages you would like to see me make in my business.

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