Where Have I Been…

Hey All!  This is just a quick little blog to let ya know I am still alive lol but right now I am trying to soak up the time I have left with my littles before school starts next week!

This summer break is two weeks longer than last years and it feels like it has flown by faster than last.   From Soccer & Gymnastics Camp, to the Funeral :(, to the Beach, to the Zoo, to having Cousins here for a week, to Pool Days…  All of it has been so worth the busy’ness.  Sooooo Many Memories have been made!!

I am still shooting sessions incase you need to schedule, my turn around time is just a bit longer on your photos.  I am just not taking the time to blog.   I promise to get back at it soon!

Enjoy what is left of your summer break!!

Greer Summer 2016 7Greer Summer 2016 16Greer Summer 2016 69

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