Ellie’s New Family…


Miller 5 WM

“I Was Chosen, I Was Wanted, I Grew in Their Hearts, I was the Missing Piece, I was Loved, I AM ADOPTED”

This is New Miss Ellicyn Ruth Miller!!!

Today this sweet girl is officially part of the wonderful Miller family with whom she has been fostered with the last couple of years.  She has no idea how lucky she is to have been chosen by this family.

Tracy is one of the most caring Dad’s I have met!  He is truly smitten with each of his children.  Holli, well I could go on and on about her for days!  Not only is she one of my very great friends, she is an amazing Mother!!  I have no idea how she keeps it all together, track of everyone and manage to have the most stylishly decorated house and perfect hair and makeup each day.

Tracy and Holli give themselves selfishly to not only their own children, but to children in need of a safe, warm, loving home.   They also are fostering another child too!   Miss Ellie’s new life is going to be magical and she is going to have opportunities, because of the Millers, that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Ellie has a Dad & Mom now, a big sister to teach her all the girly things, and 3 Big Brothers to protect her!!  Plus lots of puppy dogs at home too!   Her life will be grand and I pray that someday she realizes what The Miller’s have given her.


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2 thoughts on “Ellie’s New Family…

  1. Sherri says:

    Beautiful pictures!! And yes a beautiful description of this family I have loved for years. Ellie looks like her momma. And hearing her sweet voice say mommy or daddy is priceless. My prayers are with them daily for all things to work together and come out on top. And when the time comes, to add another precious angel, that looks like his daddy. God is so good!!


  2. imagesbyamberr says:

    Awe! I love this! Looks like their family is complete and one little girl has found a forever home!! Great images!


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