Strawberry Pie Week…its a Tradition

I know it has been what seems like forever since my last blog post and I am sorry and putting it out here for you that I will do better and get a blog schedule going.  But in a great news I haven’t blogged because I have been so busy with sessions!!!  Sessions that were referred to me by clients and friends.

There was a few things though that I did make time for in the last few weeks in between shooting and editing.  Those were Family, Friends and Strawberry Pie!!!

If you are from the Huntington, WV area all I have to say is “Strawberry Pie Week” and you know exactly what I am speaking of!

Every single year, the week after Mothers Day, is Strawberry Pie Week at Jim’s Steak & Spaghetti!!  Jim’s has been in the same location on 5th Ave since 1938.  The atmosphere at Jim’s is truly unlike any other restaurant I have been to.  The waitress’s wear white uniform dress’s with hose and white shoes.   You sit in pea green booths surrounded by photos and memorabilia of celebrities who have visited the diner, such as John F Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, and many other politicians and sports figures.  Or you can also take a seat at the counter and watch the hustle and bustle of the grill.

While they are of course known for their spaghetti, I personally love their cheeseburgers which come on toast and the crinkle cut fries!   I am not a cole slaw person at all but when you go to Jim’s you must order a scoop of it!!  It is the best!!!

Strawberry Pie Week is a race that I would compare to the best black friday sale!!  To get seated in the first round that week you need to be in line really by 10:30/40 ish otherwise you will find your self in the line that wraps through the restaurant and down the sidewalk.  Jim’s is open from 11-9 Tuesday – Saturday.

This year I was lucky enough to drive down for 2 Pie Days!!!

My 1st trip I came down for a Dr’s appointment, which I left and rescheduled because couldn’t wait!!   lol I needed to get in line for my pie, I picked up my cousin Mary Beth and went to lunch with her.   I dropped her off in front of the restaurant while I went to park at 10:50 and were #’s 46 & 47 in line!!  This was a much needed lunch for us, not only for the pie but to catch up on the happenings of our families.   Laughter and tears were both shared about the old times and missing the way some things used to be!!  Distance may get in between us but we are always both just a phone call away.   Family by blood, Friends By Choice!!

My 2nd trip down was to have lunch with my best friend Christina and her sweet little girl Olivia!!   Christina has been to Jim’s before but never for Strawberry Pie Week and it was Olivia’s first time for both!    We visited and caught up on everything going on with life and it was so nice slowing down for a bit to chat in person rather than our weekly texts.

I can say the Strawberry Pie is truly nothing special, but it really is.  Not only is is fresh strawberries tossed in powdered sugar, placed in a homemade pie crust and then topped with homemade whipped topping; this pie brings people together!!!  That week is like reunion week, not just for me, but for so many that make dates to go enjoy pie that week with family and friends.

fyi; I attempted to take my actual camera in to do photos because I knew I wanted to blog about this but it was so busy and crowded that I ended up using my phone.

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6 thoughts on “Strawberry Pie Week…its a Tradition

  1. Christina Webb Adkins says:

    I feel like such a star! Thank you for inviting Olivia and myself. We loved it! And it was great to catch up:)


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