One of AGP’s First Clients, Mr Brody…

Let me introduce you to one of my Very First Clients!  Mr Brody!!!

Brody Newborn 28 WM

So much has changed since that photo of the tiny little boy in his Daddy’s fire suit pocket!  He has grown & I have grown my skills along with him.  I still can’t believe he fit in there! That is still one of my top 10 favorite pictures I have taken!

I have known Brody’s awesome momma Cassie for almost 7 years.  When we relocated here, we knew no one but our realtor, neighbor & my husbands nurse Monica @ his office.  I can’t remember how it all played out exactly but one day we needed a sitter and Monica suggested Cassie.   I do not know what we would’ve done so many times without Monica, Cassie & Lyndsay (Cass’s Sis who also sits for us).   They have babysat our kids, house sat,  and even cat sat.  All 3 of them are such blessings to us!  My kids loved Cassie coming over because she played whatever they wanted the whole time and she always styled Alee’s crazy hair so cute!   My kids were even in her wedding.  Well sort of, Trey was in it as the “Ring Security” and Alee was supposed to be a flower girl but literally fell on her face in the parking lot 2 hours before the ceremony and didn’t make it down the isle.  But that is a memory to maybe blog another day!  Cassie’s husband Matt has taken time out of his day to show my son around the Fire Station at the AirGuard Base & came to his school to present Fire Safety last fall.  They are a blessing and the family we needed here at just the right time!

I have photographed Brody for 14 months!  I still can’t believe that baby is 14 months! When I found out Cassie was pregnant I knew that she would be such a wonderful mommy because she was so amazing with my babies.  I never had to worry when she was with them. Facebook photoCassie and I have had so much fun this past year with Brody’s photo sessions!  We have dressed him up in so many crazy ways that I am sure will provide lots of laughs and memories when he gets older!

I feel honored to have captured Brody’s First Year of Life!  He is such a sweetheart!!  Thank you Matt & Cassie for letting me capture all of these memories of your sweet boy!  You all are amazing parents and friends!

2 thoughts on “One of AGP’s First Clients, Mr Brody…

  1. Tabitha stover says:

    I love this recap and seeing how tiny he was and how you have captured his life in a year! It’s also awesome to see how your pictures just keep getting better and better!


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