Happy 1st Birthday Maverick!!!

Today is this cuties first birthday!!

Let’s take a moment to look at how gorgeous his eyes are and how cool his birthday theme is! Maverick was not a fan of the aviator glasses but still rocked his cake smash.

Here are some of my favorites and the link is below to view them all…

Follow this link to view all of the images from his session gallery https://amandagreerphotographyllc.shootproof.com/gallery/14454690

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ps. I was trying to find a Top Gun quote for the blog and was shocked to find this movie was from 1986!!! I can’t believe it’s that old! Which makes me feel really old!!!

Winston is Turning ONE!

Last week was full of rainy cold weather but I managed to dodge the weather for a fun first birthday session with Winston.  His sweet momma chose a “Where the Wild Things Are” theme and it was perfectly done.  Rachale ordered him a Max Outfit for some photos, his dad built a raft, and then a different crown for his cake smash.  We chose an outdoor setting at the riverfront to match the theme and I think it was the perfect spot.

Winston and his brother Remington first came to me a few months ago for an Easter session and these boys are just so sweet with one another and are always all smiles for photos and this day was just like that.  Winston watching his brother run around and play and then Remi would run over to give him a quick hug or make a funny face behind my camera to get his little brother to chuckle.

Happy First Birthday Winston!!!

Below are some of my favorites from his session, to view the full gallery please follow this link Winston is ONE

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Thinking About Life & Oliver’s 1st Birthday

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing my cousin Oliver’s 1st Birthday photos.  I have sat down to write this blog many times and each time I wanted to give Jami (his momma) a shout out but told myself “this Oliver’s post keep sappy families to yourself.”  Well I am ignoring that crazy thought, more on his session shortly.

I once heard the saying that your cousin is your 1st friend you’ll have. I never came to understand that phrase until adulthood.  Jami and I are 5 years apart, total opposites in so many ways, yet so alike in others.  When we were small we used to spend every Sunday at our Papaw and Mamaw’s house for Sunday dinner and playing outside, spend nights at each others houses, we went to Disney together once and a few trips to the beach.  Then tragedy struck our family and took loved ones away and with that took away our Sunday dinner’s & playing in mamaw’s giant yard.  We grew, I don’t want to say grew apart because that sounds harsh, our interests just seemed so opposite and the 5 yr age difference seemed to be obvious for a few years.  Adulthood came upon us, Marriage’s & Babies.  Jami became a momma to her sweet boy. Oliver has brought my bond with his momma back to light for me and makes me think of those childhood memories more often.  I am so thankful for those memories she and I share from our younger years and no one can take those memories away.

I can’t believe that Oliver is ONE!!!!  It seems like yesterday I was driving back and forth from the hospital to my house to take care of my kids and yet not miss his delivery!  Click the colored link to see the photos from his hospital session, Oliver’s Arrival & from his Newborn Session here  Oliver’s Newborn

Last week Jami brought Oliver up for some photos to remember his first birthday.  He wasn’t feeling very good and was not interested in his cake at all.  He gets his dislike of cake from his daddy.  I mean who doesn’t like cake!?!

You can view all of the photos from Oliver Finn’s 1st Birthday session by clicking here

Thank you for bearing with me this morning on my trip down memory lane.

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ps  There will be a BIG Announcement about my business within the next week!!!!!

Miss Bree is ONE!!!

Bree’s Momma April contacted me for a 1st Birthday Cake Smash after being referred to me by another client.  We were able to get it scheduled on her actual One Year Birthday!!  How sweet was that?!?!

Some littles come to their cake smash session and devour the cake & some want nothing to do with it.  Bree was just a little in to her adorable little cake.  April picked up the best little cake from the bakery in Spencer for only $4!!!  It was classically decorated and just right.

These were Bree’s 1st professional photos and she was stingy with her smiles but I was able to capture a couple hints of smiles.

Here are a few of my favorites…

You can view all of the photos from this sweet girls session here  Bree is ONE!!!

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Macy is ONE!!!!

This Sweet Watermelon Lovin Girl turned one the end of June and last week we were able to capture some memories of this milestone birthday.

I first met Miss Macy’s momma Whitney a few years ago at a craft show.  Whitney is super crafty and creative with adorable ideas for her daughters sessions!  She sent me a message about a week or so prior to the session to see what I thought about a Watermelon Smash instead of a cake smash.  Ummm LOVE It!!!  What a great idea for a summer time birthday girl!

I began Macy’s session in the studio, a light pink back drop and white floor with pink and purple balloons and tissue paper pompoms set the first scene.

Macy is 1 27Macy is 1 1 WMMacy is 1 13 WMMacy is 1 15 WM

I mean really, I could eat this girl up!!  Look at those eyes and blonde hair!!  Such a sweetie and poser for the camera!

Macy is 1 8 WM

After the indoor photos we moved outdoors for some photos with her favorite purple bunny, a hot air ballon basket, and the most fun… the watermelon smash!!!!  This chickadee loves her some watermelon!!!  Once she saw it, she was done with everything else and wanted the food!!


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Parker turns ONE!!!!

Is there really anything cuter than a little boy in blue jean bib overalls?!?!

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little boy & his parents for his 1st birthday pictures the last week of May.  We shot at the gazebo and Veterans Home in Barboursville, WV.

Audra, Parker’s Momma, and I went to school together.  I was so happy when she contacted me about doing Parker’s photos.  Audra has always loved horses so I just knew that Parker’s birthday theme would be horse or farm related which would mean adorableness!   She did not disappoint!  Audra made his high chair garland, cake banner and his cow cake!  I mean she is a full-time flight nurse, part-time NICU nurse, keeps up a farm, and a momma to 2 Sweet Boys with one more on the way!  She’s wonder woman!

Parker was the happiest little boy during his session.  He didn’t mind the outfit changes or the traffic going by and gave me the most adorable handsome little smiles!!  And look at those Baby Blue Eye’s and Blonde Hair!!!  During the cake smash he decided to try to see if he could get some good bites out of it with his feet!  This whole session was a barrel of fun!

Check out some of my favorites from his session!

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One of AGP’s First Clients, Mr Brody…

Let me introduce you to one of my Very First Clients!  Mr Brody!!!

Brody Newborn 28 WM

So much has changed since that photo of the tiny little boy in his Daddy’s fire suit pocket!  He has grown & I have grown my skills along with him.  I still can’t believe he fit in there! That is still one of my top 10 favorite pictures I have taken!

I have known Brody’s awesome momma Cassie for almost 7 years.  When we relocated here, we knew no one but our realtor, neighbor & my husbands nurse Monica @ his office.  I can’t remember how it all played out exactly but one day we needed a sitter and Monica suggested Cassie.   I do not know what we would’ve done so many times without Monica, Cassie & Lyndsay (Cass’s Sis who also sits for us).   They have babysat our kids, house sat,  and even cat sat.  All 3 of them are such blessings to us!  My kids loved Cassie coming over because she played whatever they wanted the whole time and she always styled Alee’s crazy hair so cute!   My kids were even in her wedding.  Well sort of, Trey was in it as the “Ring Security” and Alee was supposed to be a flower girl but literally fell on her face in the parking lot 2 hours before the ceremony and didn’t make it down the isle.  But that is a memory to maybe blog another day!  Cassie’s husband Matt has taken time out of his day to show my son around the Fire Station at the AirGuard Base & came to his school to present Fire Safety last fall.  They are a blessing and the family we needed here at just the right time!

I have photographed Brody for 14 months!  I still can’t believe that baby is 14 months! When I found out Cassie was pregnant I knew that she would be such a wonderful mommy because she was so amazing with my babies.  I never had to worry when she was with them. Facebook photoCassie and I have had so much fun this past year with Brody’s photo sessions!  We have dressed him up in so many crazy ways that I am sure will provide lots of laughs and memories when he gets older!

I feel honored to have captured Brody’s First Year of Life!  He is such a sweetheart!!  Thank you Matt & Cassie for letting me capture all of these memories of your sweet boy!  You all are amazing parents and friends!