A Taste of Summer…Johnson’s Peach Stand…

A few years back on our annual trip to the beach the kids were needing a break so we decided to stop at a roadside peach stand. I am so glad we did, little did I know that hiding in Candor, NC was the worlds best peach dumpling and peach milkshake!!!  From then on  we plan a stop at Johnson’s Peaches on the way to the beach and the way home from the beach!  This past week was our annual trip and it was just a delicious as the first time we stopped there.

Johnson’s Peaches is a family owned roadside fruit and vegetable stand on I-73/220 off Exit 39.  Just at the point on the highway where you need a break and there isn’t many places to stop.

Not only do they offer the peach dumplings & peach milkshakes, but they offer other flavors of milkshakes & sundae’s, and fresh melon cups at their concession area.  At the fruit and veggie stand  you can of course find peaches, but also apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, plums, okra, watermelon, green beans, blueberries, and many other fresh from the farm yumminess!!

There are covered gazebo areas with picnic tables and benches surrounded by beautiful hydrangea bushes that you can sit, take a break and enjoy your warm fresh from the oven peach dumpling.

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