Cowboy Ryker

Around the end of December I asked Brittney, Rykers momma if I could use him as a model for my Valentine set and she asked what he should wear because he had just received new cowboy gear for Christmas and was anxious to show it off. Cowboy theme wasn’t exactly what I was thinking for Valentines Day but knew it would make for adorable photos!

Ryker is just the cutest orneriest little man! We started the session with some simple classic Valentine portraits and then moved on to the cowboy images.

Ryker started taking horse lessons at a local stable and then got his own pony named Lucky. Ryker would see others in the stable with boots, spurs, hats and belt buckles and wanted ones of his own. After Brittney shared his pictures on her Facebook page a family friend of theirs, an actual Texan Cowboy, saw them and wanted to send him authentic cowboy attire. Sadly the pony got very ill and passed away shortly after he got it. And Ryker broke his arm too. The break may have stopped ridding lessons for awhile but his momma said its not slowed him down and he’s still wearing all his gear and riding a stick pony around the house!

Here is a few faves from his Valentine portraits…

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