Are you Dr Greer’s wife?

In the beginning of getting that question I used to be hesitant to answer because I was always worried it was a patient that was not happy with a medication change or someone who did not agree with his medical opinion or something like that and I did not want the confrontation so I would hesitantly answer.

I quickly realized those weren’t ever the people posing that question, but yet the ones that wanted to tell me what a difference he had made in their life or the life of someone they loved.

I love hearing the stories of how kids ask to go see him when they don’t feel good because he has made them feel comfortable at their appointments. He makes silly jokes with them, makes balloon animals or gives them popsicles when it’s warm outside. How he gets down on their level and treats them like a person and does not talk over them.

Fun facts ~ when he applied for medical school he had all intentions of being a pediatrician but once he began his journey through medicine realized that he loved helping people of all ages so that’s when he chose the path of  Family Medicine so he could help from the littlest to the oldest. There was even a hot minute in his 3rd year of medical school that he thought he wanted to be an OB/GYN Dr, and with pressure from an attending OB physician that enjoyed working with Reg, talked him into interviewing for that path.  The interview was when I was lying in the hospital next door in labor with our son. 

I love hearing from co workers how he has made a difference in their lives by teaching or assisting them with something that has made their own work day and care of their patients a bit easier.

I really love it when little older ladies stop me in the grocery store to tell me about their latest visit with him and how some of them smile with a twinkly eye when talking about him.  It’s so cute!  

I wish that his patents, colleagues and community members could see some of the sides of Dr Greer that I see. The physician that has never stopped learning, that loves to learn and investigate the latest developments in modern medicine. He will not pass on any information unless he knows that it’s factual and believes one hundred percent in it. He worries for his patients and gets frustrated for his patients in situations that he can’t fix. Dr Greer with out any doubt cares so much about his patients and their well being and I hope in someway they all realize that.

I answer that question proudly & without hesitation. Yes, I am Dr Greer’s wife.  I will forever be proud to answer that question.

If you have any great stories or memories with him I would love to hear them and have them to pass along when he’s having a rough day.  You can comment them below or email them to me at

Stay Safe & Healthy! 



Cover photo by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography, Nags Head NC

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