Ben ~ Class of 2020

Senior sessions should be a reflection of the persons interests, hobbies and incorporate  things they love.

The perfect place for Ben’s session last August was his family farm in Ravenswood.  We got to include his dog, his truck, favorite clothes, and favorite places around the farm.

Ben was one of the most easy going seniors I have photographed and his family was so great to work with as well.  His mom drove the Gator around so I could stand up in the back since i’m a shorty, his Dad moved hay bales for me til they were in just the right spot, and his siblings helped with his dog.

Congratulations Ben!  It was so great capturing these memories for you and your family! I wish you the very best!!

You can view the full gallery here, Ben Senior 2020 but in the meantime here are some of my favorites from that day…

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Fall Senior Session… Oh Those Miller Boys…

Oh Those Miller Boys…

I first met The Miller Family about 4 years ago when the 3rd Miller Boy became BFF’s with my son.  Soon after I became great friends with Momma Miller!   Holli was a needed friendly face in a town that still seemed unfamiliar most days.   She posted one day online about her oldest looking for some side jobs, since then, Caleb has been the biggest help to us, Mowing, weed eating, packing and moving us, and sometimes not so much by occasionally driving the lawn mower over the hill lol.

Then there was Carter, the middle Miller Boy… Carter seemed to be the rambunctious Miller boy; Trey would come home from playing with Hayden scared of Carter, because like most big brothers do, he loved to scare his little brother and his friend when Trey was over, & most recently losing a chair of mine from the back of his truck and splintering it all over the road in the whole 1/2 mile drive to my house from theirs.


This morning when Caleb came over to do some yard work for us, I told him my plans of blogging Carter’s session and asked him for some stories or thoughts on his younger brother.  With a sheepish but proud smile he says “You know he has really grown up, he’s not that kid chasing the little ones around anymore.  When he like 8, I remember him drawing the most intricate house plans and drawing that I always thought he would become an architect because he is such a talented creative person. It’s nice now to see him putting his creativity and talent into fixing up his truck.  That truck and Savannah really make him happy”

This past Sunday was Carter’s Senior Session.  We set out walking & driving around to some different locations in Parkersburg with his mom, 2 sisters and his girlfriend.   I will say the most genuine handsome smiles are in the photos with his sweet girl friend & the ones with his truck!!   It was cute how excited he got to do photos with his truck!   Then the look of young love with he & Savannah.   I got to see a whole other side to Carter that day, a caring, funny, nice responsible young man, exactly like Caleb described this morning.  I am so glad I got to know him better those few hours so I can see the grown up Carter, not the rambunctious one from 4 years ago.  He’s a great young man.

The Millers are great parents, raising a great set of little loos, and I am thankful to call them friends.

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