Fresh 48 Special Pricing!!

I mentioned in last weeks Fresh 48 blog there would be a special coming your way on Monday!

Are you ready for it?!?!?!?  (anyone singing Taylor Swift in their head after that? no, just me lol, I was in my car with my almost 9 year old for 6 hours this weekend, so there was lots of Taylor)

Through March 31st, based on availability, I will be offering Fresh 48 sessions in Charleston and Parkersburg for $150!!!  And in Huntington for $185!!!!  These sessions are normally $310!!   This includes the digital downloads with a print release.

I am gifting you these savings because I absolutely adore these sessions so much and would love to add many many more to my portfolio!!!  If I were to have another baby I would totally do this, along with a birth and newborn session!  I wish so much that this was the “thing to do” when my babies were born.

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Throwback to my First Birth/Fresh 48…

Well in the internet world it’s “Throwback Thursday” so I am throwing it back to my first birth/fresh 48 session with The Murray Family.  Actually in this case it would be a “Fresh 8 hours.” 😁 The Murray’s have been clients of mine since we welcomed Miss Tatum Olivia into the world that fall day.  We went into this day hoping and praying for me to be allowed into the OR with them but the nurse that day was not having it at all, and believe me it was not without begging!!!  So I waited right by the elevator door so I could capture that first moment when her Daddy brought her to the nursery.  I will never ever forget the nervousness of Todd waiting to go down to the OR & the giant smile of pride and excitement Big Brother Jake had when he first saw his baby sister!

Look through these highlights from the day and then take a moment to read Stefani’s thoughts on her session below…

“I have two children that are 6 years apart in age. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I often thought about the delivery of my son six years before, and the one thing that always stuck out in my mind was how I wished I didn’t have to worry about taking pictures that day, or making sure someone was taking pictures while I was in the recovery room from my C-section, or that I don’t really have any pictures of the first moments I met Jake after returning from the recovery room.
We knew I would be having another C-section with our daughter, so I talked with my husband and we decided to have the day documented in a way that it caused no stress to us, and we could focus on bringing our daughter in the world.
I had seen a couple of my friends post pictures they had taken with Amanda, and they were all so cute. I knew she was a momma herself, so I had faith that she would understand where we were coming from with our requests. We met up with her one day and we learned that not only was she a parent herself, but also has a history as nurse, so she was 100% comfortable being in the operating room with us, if the doctor would allow it! I left that day feeling so excited and relieved knowing our documented memories of that day were in good hands.
We communicated several times leading up to Tatum’s birth, and discussed what would happen if I went into labor before my scheduled operation date. Thankfully that didn’t happen! Amanda arrived at the hospital shortly after we were taken into our prep room, met our families, and started snapping. We already knew that my doctor wouldn’t allow her in the operating room, but she tried until the time they wheeled me off to convince them! She sat with my husband while they waited for the nurses to bring him to the O.R. – and reassured him that they didn’t forget about him when it was taking a while for nurse to retrieve him. She was waiting by the elevator when my husband came off with our daughter. Every moment that I missed (our family in the waiting room, Tatum’s first bath, holding her daddy’s finger for the first time, my son’s adoration, as well as our family’s’ – ALL of it) was caught on camera, thanks to her.
What I appreciated the most about this experience was when I was brought back to our hospital room. I had a less than desirable first stage of recovery with Tatum, and I was a mess. She helped calm me down and when they finally had me settled and Tatum was brought to our room, my husband and I were able to just relax and absorb the entire moment without having to stop to capture it. That is something I will always be thankful for. The same continued as we brought in my son to spend time alone with us, and then the rest of our family. The entire experience was so beautiful – and we now have those memories forever.
Of course, our families took some pictures of the day as well, and sure, that could have been enough. But when she sent me the picture file of our delivery day, I cried so many tears of joy because that was exactly what I wanted. Hiring Amanda for this day is a decision I will never regret – what we received from her is priceless!” ~ Stefani 
Are you ready to get your Birth or Fresh 48 scheduled yet?????

Tatum Olivia is 6 Months!!!


As a photographer each session is special and unique to me so I have been struggling on which to blog about first.  I knew I needed to incorporate sessions into my blog soon but which one to start with and then it just hit me… “I need to blog on Wednesday,  I just shot Tatum’s 6 Month Session Saturday, She is 6 Months ON Wednesday”

So I introduce you to my sweet client Tatum!  And her family!

One day last August I received a Facebook message from Stefani stating she had been referred to me from a friend of hers and she wanted to book me for the birth of her little girl in October!  I was so excited, both because I LOVE when I get new clients from client referrals, and I love shooting Births and Fresh 48 Sessions!!!    We scheduled a consult to go over details and most important, meet in person!  I felt like I had known them forever, Stefani knew exactly what she wanted that day from their time with me.  As a mother of 2, I totally got it and knew that I could capture Tatum’s first minutes & hours of life for her so she could cherish them always.

We knew Stefani was going in for a scheduled C-Section and more than likely I would not be allowed in the Operating room but we tried up until the min they wheeled her away to convince someone to let me in!  It didn’t work, but she did have a sweet nurse who let me wait right by the elevator so I could start clicking away when Todd would bring his new daughter back to the nursery to get prepared to meet her new family.

While they took Stefani down to get prepped the nurse showed Todd and I to what would be her hospital room to put their things away and she would come get us when they were ready.  We waited for what seemed like days!!!   Poor Todd, this was his first child so he was  of course a little anxious, after about 45 minutes of awkward silence/small talk (I had only chatted with him 5 min or so before the big day; ladies you know you are in charge of all this lol so I had only really dealt with Stefani)  he says so serious “You don’t think they started without me, do you?”  Just a few minutes later it was game time!  And then just a short time later here he comes off the elevator with the biggest proudest smile on his face pushing his sweet baby girl!  Tatum 54

While Stefani was in recovery I captured the first bottle, bath, weighing, foot prints, etc so she could see her new daughters first moments!   The family that was excitedly awaiting the arrival from the waiting room was allowed back a short time after and that was when some of my favorite moments of the day really began!  Jake meeting his new baby sister!!!

You see, I have a son and a daughter just like Stefani.  My son is 4 years and 2 Months older than my daughter.  When we had our ultrasound to determine her sex he pouted in a a corner that he wanted a brother not a sister and the told the tech she needed to look again.  lol that’s all history!  My son LOVES his sister more than anything!  They have such a precious relationship and I am so glad they have each other.

Jake was the PROUDEST and Happiest little boy ever when he got to see his sister!!  I always try hold all of my emotions during shoots but sometimes moments tug at my heart strings,  & I did shed a couple tears because I knew in that moment Jake was going to be so good to Tatum just like my Trey is to Alee.

Tatum 84

That is Jake & Tatum’s Pa giving his thumbs up to Todd after seeing his new granddaughter, but seriously look at that Smile and Sparkle on Big Brother Jake’s face!!!!  Preciousness!!!

Not only did I get to capture all of these memories for Stefani and Todd, but I have captured these sweet kids at Tatum’s Newborn, Easter, & 6 Month Sessions.  Here are some of my favorite shots from that day and Tatum’s 1st 6 Months of life!

Happy 6 Months Tatum!!

Stefani & Todd, thank you for letting me capture these precious moments for your family!

You can view all of the photos from Tatum’s Sessions on my website under Feature Photos.

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Have a Great Day!