The Funniest Valentine

Scout is the funniest Valentine I have had in a while. I have been photographing Scout since he was 11 days old, actually even when in-utero if you want to get technical about it. Scouts momma was one of my “Belly to Baby” clients.

His last session with me was a confetti mini right before the pandemic began and he was so nervous and didn’t get as into it as his mom & I thought he would, but he totally made up for that with his Valentine Mini a couple weeks ago! Totally broke outta his shell! His Mom, Dad & I were laughing so hard at him the whole time. I see a class clown senior superlative in his future!

There’s only one week left to schedule your Valentine Mini!!

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Belly to Baby

Did you know that I offer many different packaging options for my Mommas to Be?  At AGP you can choose from some different packaging options that give you some savings by securing sessions for the first year of your new little blessings life.

The bundles are Belly to Baby and Baby to Birthday.  Belly to Baby includes the following sessions…  Maternity, Newborn, Sitter (6-7’ish months) & First Birthday.  Baby to Birthday includes… Newborn, Sitter, & First Birthday.   In both bundles the Newborn can be switched for a Fresh 48 Hospital Session or a Fresh 48 can be added on for 25% off.

The Williams Family was one of late ’17 to late ’18 Belly to Baby clients.  We shot their Belly and Sitter Session at her brothers beautiful farm, Newborn was in the studio and for Wyatt’s First Birthday I went to their own family farm to capture him with his dog Cowboy and playing in the rocks.

I asked Brittany for some feedback on her Belly to Baby Package…  “Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing! It took the stress out of worrying about scheduling and paying for pictures after having baby considering they were furthest from my mind. Lol. And I think the price was reasonable ! What I loved the most was convenience and of course the outcome which was amazing ! And the next time around lord willing I’d love to do the fresh 48 because I didn’t know how much work a newborn session was. Plus add into that recovery from a c section. I think it would’ve been easier at the hospital.”

I will be blogging about Fresh 48’s and more Newborn specials so stay tuned!!!  Fresh 48’s are on Sale through February!!!

Here are some highlights from our sessions together…








Back to the Blog!

Happy 2017 AGP Followers!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season!  I ate way too much from Thanksgiving to Christmas, shared laughs and made memories with friends and family, and watched the magic of the season sparkle in my children’s eyes.

Now I am ready to take on 2017 and make it the best yet for myself, my family and my clients!   I started 2017 watching many webinars on how to better serve my clients and make your experience with Amanda Greer Photography the best ever!

Different packages will be making their way in to my pricing structure.  I am working out details to offer a Belly to Baby Package & Tailored to you wedding packages.

One thing I am encouraging more than ever is for my clients to purchase prints and canvas’s for their home!  Seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they picked up their canvas’s and prints was so heart warming!!!  Photos do not belong on a usb in a drawer, they belong on your walls and mantles so you can enjoy them!!

My question for you is what would you like to see offered by me in 2017?!?!?  Please send me a message at

I can’t wait to capture memories for you in 2017!  It’s never too soon to get penciled in on the schedule!